In this episode, we discuss the crucial first steps in hiring and why starting in the wrong place can lead to problems. We explore the difference between what you want and what you actually need, and how to avoid wasting time and energy in the hiring process. Tune in to learn how to make smarter hiring decisions for your business.

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed and like you need a magic assistant to do everything? You’re not alone! But before you hire a VA, take a step back and assess your needs. In this episode, we’ll help you avoid the common pitfall of confusing expert tasks with those suited for a Virtual Assistant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify your “VA tasks” (repetitive, known tasks) vs. “expert tasks” (complex, unknown tasks).
  • Experts first, budget permitting! They advise on next steps and recommend VAs.
  • Tight finances? Invest time in learning about expert tasks before hiring.
  • Clear understanding = effective communication and hiring the right person.

No More “Shovel” Situations:

  • Feeling overwhelmed often leads to grabbing the first “shovel” (VA) we see, without truly understanding our needs.
  • But different problems require different tools! VAs are great for specific tasks, while experts tackle complex knowledge gaps.

Finding the Right Tool for the Job:

  • VA Tasks: Mundane, repeatable tasks you understand and can define clear outcomes for.
  • Expert Tasks: Areas where you lack knowledge and need guidance (e.g., web design, social media strategy).
  • Beware the “All-in-One” Trap: It’s tempting to seek a VA who can do everything, but this can be costly and ineffective.

The Expert Advantage (Budget-Friendly):

  • If finances allow, prioritize hiring experts first. They:
    • Address your knowledge gaps and provide strategic advice.
    • Recommend VAs with the specific skills needed to implement their strategies.
  • This ensures you’re hiring the right person for the right job, saving time and money in the long run.

The DIY Solution (Budget-Tight):

  • Can’t afford an expert right away? Invest time in learning about your expert tasks.
  • Free resources like online courses and articles can equip you with the basics.
  • Understanding the landscape helps you evaluate expert advice and hire effectively later.

Hiring the Right Person:

  • Clear understanding of tasks leads to clear job descriptions and avoids the “yes trap” where VAs agree to tasks beyond their expertise.
  • Match the VA’s experience to the specific implementation needs of the expert’s strategy.

Bonus Tip: Avoid becoming a “shitty boss” by overloading your VA with tasks they’re not equipped for.


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