You are made of tough stuff. Of guts and grit and grief and glory.

You are made of millions and millions of moments and memories and milestones and magic.

You are made of your history, your stories, your dreams and your failures.

You are made of the love you have given. And the love you received.

You are a perfectly imperfect collection of of everything that has come before you and everything you are meant to be.

You are made of stardust.

And this is your life.

Your ONE life.

How you work, what you DO – how you spend your time, your energy, and your will – is how you spend your life.

This is a space for those who know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your little bundle of stardust is made for something more than what you’ve had so far. But who also feel lost in a big wide solar system of choices, options, rules, and ideas.

We are experts in turning ideas into roadmaps. Concepts into creation. Dreams into reality.

We work with people.

Not entrepreneurs, not solopreneurs, not freelancers.


People who are made of mutherfucking STARDUST.

That means we honor and connect with ALL of who you are. Because we believe that the ONLY way to help you make your dreams come true is to create a business – a life – that aligns with all that you are and all that you can become.

Because make no mistake, to be successful as an entrepreneur, your business WILL be your life.

So let’s make sure we make it good, yes?

Your Life’s Workshop offer tools, services, education, and communities that serve aspiring and established entreprenurial humans who are ready to create their greatest work in the world.

My name is illana Burk (she/her). And for as long as I can remember, the thing that lights me up most in this world – in MY life – is helping other people find and grow the thing that light THEM up. 

Sometimes, that thing is a business – one that can make you a thriving, lucrative living. 

If that’s the case, we draw from decades of collective business, design, and marketing experience to build the business you have always dreamed of – one that aligns deeply with everything that makes your higher purpose do jumping jacks.

But sometimes it isn’t. 

Sometimes, it’s discovering and pursuing the the thing that makes you feel happy and fulfilled – and money is secondary.

Because here’s the thing…

After ten years of helping hundreds of people start passion-driven businesses, one thing became very clear:

Not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur.

Yup. You read that right. No inflated success stories to capture your imagination and tap your aspirations. 

People fail.

Businesses fail.

People who have paid us to help them be successful….

Have failed.

Not everyone is made for being a CEO.

But everyone is made to be happy. And happiness isn’t made from laptops on beaches. It’s made from discovering what you are MADE FOR and pursuing it relentlessly every single day.

My team and I work with clients to create the thing in their life that brings them the most happiness. 

And when that thing is a thriving business endeavor, we have you waaaay covered. From conscientious, experienced business/humaning coaching to discover the perfect business (or non-business) for YOU, to cutting-edge web design, to outstanding, effective marketing copy, we have been making successful entrepreneurs out of normal humans for years.

But first, we figure out if that’s what’s RIGHT for you.

And if the answer isn’t a business… we’re gonna help you find the thing that makes your life worth living

Read more about what we do an how we do it.

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