“I felt confident that they were in tune enough with my brand to make the changes I needed while keeping continuity.

Working with Illana was like working with a good friend. I felt totally comfortable from the get-go telling them what I needed, and felt confident that they were in tune enough with my brand to make the changes I needed while keeping continuity. What I loved about working with them is how they were constantly checking in along the way, so I always knew what was up, how far along they were, and was given opportunities to tweak things mid-way. THANK YOU, for making it so easy to work with you.”

Rebecca Tracey


“With Illana’s coaching, and The Incubator’s support, I stopped living in the land of figuring-it-out and moved to the land of get-that-shit-launched. 

I’d done the marketing workshops, tried the group coaching programs, worked one-on-one with a coach (build your funnel, grow your list, create your client avatar, blahblahblah …), but I was still struggling to bring my 15 year old live-and-in-person intimate workshops online. 

I didn’t need a huge list; the funnel is the same as it ever was, and avatar schmavatar. 
Illana’s kick ass, no-bullshit style does not suffer overthinkers like moi. She’s also generous and super-supportive. She helped me out of my head and into movement. My first program enrolled over goal, and now I can see a future for this business in a way I hadn’t before. 
She’s awesome. Hire her. Join The Incubator. You’ll be glad you did.”
Deb Cooperman


“The value of working with Illana is immeasurable.

The uniquely synchronistic blend of guidance and partnership keeps me honest and challenges me to create beyond what I perceive alone. Deciding to work with Your Life’s Workshop was absolutely essential in really getting my business off of the ground.”

Mattie Clark


“Illana is like whoa.

Let me explain: My pricing structure was a disaster. It was confusing for clients, confusing for me, and it often meant I was undercutting the worth of my services. In one 30-minute phone call she helped me come up with a solution. Now I have a system that makes sense, is easy for the client to follow and ensures I earn a fair rate. It was a tremendous improvement in my business and in my life. So glad I made that phone call. All the praise I have for her boils down to just two crucial words: Worth it.”


My business has been growing like crazy and I have just taken it day by day, riding the roller coaster that is being self-employed.

I hit this point where it was clear I couldn’t sustain my business in this way. I needed to start being strategic, figure out who my audience really is and who I wanted to be for them, and figure out the big picture next moves I should be focusing on. Luckily I found Illana. After one session, my mind was blown. After the second, HUGE breakthroughs of things I just couldn’t see before having her incredible smart brain dig in to mine. After the third session, all I could say was “Can you please come live with me in France? I’ll sleep on the couch, you can have the bed”. Illana has this amazing way of seeing what I don’t see, getting me clear on my talents, my audience, my messaging, and of course, makes me laugh along the way. Not to mention all the genius ideas for services/products/freebies and more I could be selling. 

Stop trying to figure everything out on your own. Or worse, ignoring what you should be figuring out. Hire Illana and her team. Your business will thank you. Your audience and your significant other too.”

Leah Kalamakis


“The biggest mistake I’ve made in 10 years of business was not hiring Illana sooner.

Illana and her team totally, absolutely believe in you and your business, and they have the know-how, strategic chops, and willingness to call you on your bullshit needed to make that business an incredible success.

Working with Illana has changed every single thing about my business — and myself as a businesswoman — for the better, and helped me create a business that was so far off my mental radar I didn’t even realize it was a possibility.

If you’re looking for the right people to help you figure out what your life’s work really is and make that into a thriving business that both reflects who you really are and serves your clients better than you can imagine, you need them. Hire them. Now.

Rachel Allen


“Just one hour with Illana was a game changer for my business.

During our first phone call together she reviewed my website and helped me see holes I was blind to. I implemented her changes, and the feedback I received has been tremendous. I also was very impressed by her followup and encouragement after our session; you can tell she is truly passionate about her work and cares about the people she works with.”

April Sullivan


I not only get incredible compliments on my marketing materials, I get conversions as well. One of the most valuable investments I’ve made for my business.

I can’t overstate the profound relief it was to find Illana and her team. Illana helped me to nail down my message and brand so I could feel more equipped to handle the transitions in my business, and it was just the clarity I needed to feel free to give energy to the big transitions in my personal life that needed my attention as well.

All I knew was that my business needed to feel cohesive and fast, and when we did our initial consultation I didn’t feel like I could always articulate what I was looking for. But Illana was incredible and was like a mind reader in her ability to take my thoughts and produce results that were precisely what I wanted only better than I could have ever imagined.

I came feeling overwhelmed and Illana held the vision of my success with such graciousness and grounding during the process. Thanks to Illana and her team, I was able to step into that vision confidently when the work was complete. I not only get incredible compliments on my marketing materials, I get conversions as well. One of the most valuable investments I’ve made for my business. Thank you!”

Meg Worden


“Do you want more for your business? Then you want Illana.

Illana tells me what to do, and I do it.

What happens next:
I get more done in an hour than in 3.
I get more clients.
I get more sales.
I have more confidence.
I go further.
Do you want more for your business? Then you want Illana.
But you can’t have her because she’s mine ALL MINE.”
Halley Razz Grey


“Not many people challenge my internal thinking anymore so THANK YOU!”

Jen Vertanen

In the last year I’ve grown my business from a part-time side gig into a consultancy where I get to do the work I want to be known for and support my family financially at the same time.

Since my very first coaching session, Illana has challenged me to have a bigger vision. She took the time to deeply understand not only my business but also who I am as a leader. Along the way, I stopped thinking of her as a coach and recognized that she has become my part-time business partner–deeply invested in the success of my vision and willing to dig in with me to figure out how to make it happen.

Brandi Olson


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