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Get to the Good Stuff

This is the workbook that will make you either love or hate us. Maybe a little bit of both. If you’re ready to stop hiding from what you’re MADE FOR, this is where you start. Designed as a four week process, when finished, you will have a whole new set of skills to determine if:

a. Your idea is a GOOD idea.

b. Your idea is a good idea for YOU, or just a good idea for someone.

c. If you should leap on your idea, or keep thinking.

When was the last time a free ebook changed how you evaluate your decision-making? 

It used to be sold as a course, but it has become the centerpoint for ALL the work we do here, and as such we now offer it freely. In the 8 years we have been offering it, is has helped THOUSANDS of people figure out their next steps.

If you would like a copy, you can either sign up below for immediate access, or email a request to and we will send you one without obligation.

The Last Goddamn Guide to Website Planning that You Will Ever Need

If you are overwhelmed and totally unsure of where to start, this guide covers ALL the basics in clear, simple terms. It will help you understand everything from all the techy terms to the art of getting what you want from a designer. It covers hosting, WordPress, themes, etc… It shows you how to think about your user’s experience, and shines light on the things most people forget. AND we even included a handy checklist to help you stay organized, whether you are DIYing it or hiring a pro.

Get your Shit Together and START SOMETHING that MATTERS

This is where the rubber meets the road. Working through it will help you begin the work you most need to do.

So if you you are ready to get out of your own way and Do. The. Work. Start HERE.

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