the year that will change everything

In the last year I’ve grown my business from a part-time side gig into a consultancy where I get to do the work I want to be known for and support my family financially at the same time.

Since my very first coaching session, Illana has challenged me to have a bigger vision. She took the time to deeply understand not only my business but also who I am as a leader. Along the way, I stopped thinking of her as a coach and recognized that she has become my part-time business partner–deeply invested in the success of my vision and willing to dig in with me to figure out how to make it happen.

Brandi Olson

You are:

A freedom-seeking, idea-having, mad-passionate creative powerhouse. You dream of making waves and revolutions, and you care deeply. But your ideas are bigger than your business acumen. And you might not even be sure if this whole business building thing is for you. But you DO know that making a difference and living a truly exceptional life are no longer optional life choices, they are your birthright. 

So you need:

Help. You know you have something, a spark. A tiny little ember. Maybe even just a vague idea that you need to come up with an idea, but right now, it all feels like a jumble of mismatched puzzle pieces. You need a guide; someone to show you the picture on the box and help you connect the corners and fill in the pieces in all the right places.

And you want:

>> Answers. Maps. Plans to take you through what should happen first, second, and beyond…

>> Help creating courses, ebooks, and signature services.

>> Visionary brand development that will give voice to your big ideas.

>> Sexypants design that reflects your biggest, brightest vision.

>> Community. Peers. Relationships. PEOPLE who can help you, support you and kick you in the toosh when you need it.

So we…

Do that.

All of that.

And more.

We call it Integrated Business + Life Design. 

And to do it right it takes a year.



Not a day. Not a week. Not a month.

A year.

Your ideas, passions, creative concepts, life experience, and skills all go in one end of our digital creative have-the-life-and-work-you-have-always-wanted agency. Then we stir it all up with a boatload of coaching, education, design, and community. We write for you, we consult with you, we design for you, and we listen to you. We help you forge the relationships that will, without a doubt, mean the difference between achieving all the things you want to achieve – and not.

We help you nail down what YOUR life’s work really is. Sometimes that’s a thriving business that becomes your financial livelihood. And sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s a subtle unfolding of ALL that you are so you can understand what your truest calling really is. 

We help you make peace with what you’re made for, AND with how you make your living.

The Year is like business coaching, life coaching, brand + web design, expert copywriting, and a powerhouse mastermind all wrapped up in one sweet little affordable package.



Not cheap. 

Affordable. But I’ll get to the money bit in a second….

Let’s get back to the punchy salesy stuff…

The magic comes when we start right where YOU are and help you build the right livelihood for you and only you.

No magic formulas.

No cookie-cutter systems.

No hard drive full of workbooks you’re never going to open.

We offer personalized boutique business + life education + brand services for humans who want to spend THIS YEAR making sure that every year from here forward is exactly what you want it to be. 

This is the year when your Life’s Work takes shape.

This is the year when you figure out how to make YOUR dent in the world.

This is the year when you stop fucking about and make the most out of the life you have.

My business has been growing like crazy and I have just taken it day by day, riding the roller coaster that is being self-employed.

I hit this point where it was clear I couldn’t sustain my business in this way. I needed to start being strategic, figure out who my audience really is and who I wanted to be for them, and figure out the big picture next moves I should be focusing on. Luckily I found Illana. After one session, my mind was blown. After the second, HUGE breakthroughs of things I just couldn’t see before having her incredible smart brain dig in to mine. After the third session, all I could say was, “Can you please come live with me in France? I’ll sleep on the couch, you can have the bed”. Illana has this amazing way of seeing what I don’t see, getting me clear on my talents, my audience, my messaging, and of course, makes me laugh along the way. Not to mention all the genius ideas for services/products/freebies and more I could be selling. 

Stop trying to figure everything out on your own. Or worse, ignoring what you should be figuring out. Hire Illana and her team. Your business will thank you. Your audience and your significant other too.”

Leah Kalamakis

If you are dead-sure that it’s time to stop wondering and start doing, let us help.

Entry is by application only. Once accepted, you will be added to one of our ongoing mastermind-style groups that we think you will flourish most from, and that could benefit most from you and your skills/energy/sense of humor/etc…

Over the course of your Year, you will figure out exactly what you’re doing, for whom, and why. You will hone messaging, write copy, design your brand, and build YOUR life’s work into a living, breathing entity. All with the help and support of some of the most experienced and well-respected coaches and business leaders out there.

Because this is a big deal, we want you to know ALL the details you might need to decide if you even want to apply. Here the basic breakdown of what’s included… No secrets. No upsells.

This is the one and only deal – for everyone…

The Deal:

Note: The ‘value’ numbers listed below are real.

Each line includes our actual, current pricetag for what we charge for each individual service. They are not inflated AT ALL to make the value of The Year seem higher than it is so you’ll jump at it. We believe in selling on merit and ACTUAL value. Period.

1. 12 months of 1:1 Mentorship with Illana – 1 call per month [$250 x 12=$3000]

2. A completely custom website. Yes. The snazzy kind with all the bells and whistles. [$5500]

3. Mastermind group membership – included for TWO full years.  [$150 x 24 = $3600]

4. Complete Content Strategy and Website Copy Suite [$2950]

5. Guaranteed hourly coaching rate with Illana for 12 months after your Year is complete. 

6. Bonuses + Discounts galore.

Value: $15,050+

You pay: $500 per month x 24 months

That’s right. No big-pile-of-cash-up-front discount. You’re in active production and coaching with us for a year, and you keep paying for two (while you stay in your group as well for as long as you like). That’s the deal. There is no upsell. No confusing options. Everyone starts in the same place and goes on the same journey.

After almost a decade of building liveihoods for people, we understand that large piles of money can be hard to come by. And we also know exactly what’s necessary to build something that will last. This includes all of that and nothing more.

Your website launches to the world when complete, but lives on our servers until your contract is paid off, when we move it to your hosting plan of choice (this bit is included in your tuition as well).

***And here’s the other thing you need to know going in: we do not offer guarantees of any kind.***

Why? Because this isn’t a course. This isn’t a series of PDF workbooks. This isn’t a bunch of pre-recorded videos. 

This is OUR life’s work. Our time. Our knowledge. Our wisdom. We have earned the trust of those who choose to work with us. We are investing as deeply in you as we are asking for you to invest in us. We guarantee that you will get our very best.  

I not only get incredible compliments on my marketing materials, I get conversions as well. One of the most valuable investments I’ve made for my business.

I can’t overstate the profound relief it was to find Illana and her team. Illana helped me to nail down my message and brand so I could feel more equipped to handle the transitions in my business, and it was just the clarity I needed to feel free to give energy to the big transitions in my personal life that needed my attention as well.

All I knew was that my business needed to feel cohesive and fast, and when we did our initial consultation I didn’t feel like I could always articulate what I was looking for. But Illana was incredible and was like a mind reader in her ability to take my thoughts and produce results that were precisely what I wanted only better than I could have ever imagined.

I came feeling overwhelmed and Illana held the vision of my success with such graciousness and grounding during the process. Thanks to Illana and her team, I was able to step into that vision confidently when the work was complete. I not only get incredible compliments on my marketing materials, I get conversions as well. One of the most valuable investments I’ve made for my business. Thank you!”

Meg Worden


So is this just for people who don’t have a website and/or a business yet?

Yes and no. This is for people who either:

a. feel stuck in the getting-started phase


b. have started with something simple, but who are ready for real business/life building and can see themselves being ready for a more full-featured brand in the next year


c. have a business and/or website that just isn’t clicking, doesn’t feel right, or is just not what you want to be doing longer-term

You can be a full-time entrepreneur, or this can be your side gig while you work a day job. We can help guide you through how to make ALL of the right next moves. Zero judgement. Zero shame.

What if it turns out that my life’s work ISN’T a business?

The first stage of The Year is a deep process of uncovering and discovery. If, in that process, we discover that being an entrepreneur is not for you, we will happily release you from further financial obligation and you may leave the group if you so choose – but are absolutely welcome and invited to stay and learn too. If you do not need a website and copywriting done, but want to continue to be a part of the community for the duration of your Year, you will be welcome to do so, but we will stop billing you after 12 months, instead of the full 24. The Year is NOT all about business. It’s about satisfaction. It is our core belief that everyone was made for something. The Year is designed to uncover what that is and support you in its growth, no matter what that looks like.

When will my website and copy be done?

Websites and copywriting will be started and completed on a rolling basis, exact scheduling to be determined by your progress and our mutual scheduling availability. Best answer? Plan on about 6 months in, some faster, some slower. But a lot of that will depend on you.

I’m still confused. How does this all work?

Basically, The Year is like a mastermind, a support group, a high-level coaching mentorship, a website, and a complete copywriting suite all wrapped into one tidy, cost-effective package. A small group of you will come together in support of the basic idea that when you find what you are MADE for in this life, you might start to get all the things you have always wanted. Together, we are going to put in the hard work to figure that out AND start to make it live in the world.

Will calls be recorded?


How will the group part work?

Pretty simple. Once you’re in, you’ll be added to a private Facebook [though we are always looking at other platforms as well] group. It will be one of the several we have in-session. We fit you with the one we think you’ll get the most out of and that you can contribute most to. Groups are all small and intimate and include a ton of personal attention from the YLW team, as well as weekly group calls.

How does the 1:1 Coaching part work?

Once onboarded, you’ll be sent to a scheduling link where you’ll schedule your monthly calls with Illana for the whole year [don’t worry, you’ll be able to reschedule if something comes up – we know a year is a long time].

What if I’m not happy? No guarantees is scary. If I decide I don’t like this, can I cancel my monthly payments?

First, if this feels like too much money or too much risk, you shouldn’t do it. Period.

Here’s what happens when you set up payments: You will be billed each month. You pay your bill by the 15th. Just like for any other service. Each month, you can choose your payment method. We want you to have the freedom and empowerment to manage your own cashflow. Here’s OUR boundary around this: If you stop paying or miss a payment, we will automatically consider your contract void and you will no longer have access to the Year communities. You will also forfeit rights to all work product created during The Year. That means that no matter how many payments you have remaining, if you cease payments, you are in breach of contract and no longer have rights to whatever has been created on your behalf. Basically, you hold up your end, and we’ll hold up ours.

Trust + Boundaries = Successful Partnership. 

Details. Questions. So many more questions! 

No sweat. Head over to the Mutual Admiration Society and ask whatever you like. Illana checks in several times a day. Have something private you want to ask? Email us:


We’ve been here. Waiting for you, Darling.

We can’t wait to get to know you better. And, you know… make all your dreams a reality.


Still not sure? Don’t take our word for it…

“The value of working with Illana is immeasurable.

The uniquely synchronistic blend of guidance and partnership keeps me honest and challenges me to create beyond what I perceive alone. Deciding to work with Your Life’s Workshop was absolutely essential in really getting my business off of the ground.”

Mattie Clark

It’s time to get your shit together and do the work so you can live the exceptional life of impact and joy that you were MADE for.

Join us, won’t you?

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