Sounding board.

Brain buddy.

Partner in crime.

Whatever you call it, sometimes we ALL need someone to…

provide the all-powerful educated gut check.

power through marketing conundrums

pave the way to rework an almost-there offer.

diagnose what ails you that’s just too. close. to. see.

develop new ideas when nothing new wants to flow.

That’s what we do in Partnership Intensives.

You get all of my experience, marketing smarts, critical thinking, and leadership all at once to break the walls, rewire the disconnects, and get you from here to there as fast as possible.

Two 2-hour sessions close together (same day or a few days a apart, you decide).

You click.

You pay.

We send you an email with scheduling and some lightweight prework (LIGHT. The whole point is to help you get more done, so no hours-to-fill-out intake forms. Promise.).


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