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You need people who GET you. Who will challenge you. And who will push you to do your best. 

You need people who understand your industry and who will pick you up on hard days. 

Who will love you, cheer you on, and promote you.

All while being guided by a solid, honest, highly experienced coach [Illana, our CEO].

We add new groups as we have demand for them and are always looking for new niches to form a group for.

Current Groups that are taking new members for 2018:

Startup Circus

For any and all digital or non-digital entrepreneurs. Making money or not. Industry doesn’t matter. This one is for the people that crave variety, new ideas, influences outside your regular realm, and general support from others in the trench

Clearly Coaching

For new and new-ish coaches only (life coaches, health coaches, etc…), and focuses on all things coaching. From marketing to business structure, to just surviving when work is thin.

Heart of Growth

For more established entrepreneurs who are working at their life’s work, and making a living (even if it’s by the skin of your teeth), but struggling with some general disenchantment. We’ll be working on growing without losing touch with what you are truly meant to do.


– Each new group member begins with a 60 minute 1:1 session with Illana. 

– All members communicate via private Facebook Group. Participation there can happen at whatever level you are comfortable with. Just know that this is the only method of group communication as well, so broadcasts from YLW will only go there (we do not email group members). 

– Weekly group coaching calls for Q & A, guest stars, and deep dives into relevant topics. 

Your first month is $250, which covers your 1:1 session. Then you are charged $100 monthly until you decide to leave.

***There is zero obligation to stay for any specific amount of time. We only want people who want to be a part of our community. All subscriptions are managed via Paypal, so you can cancel whenever you like from your end. No questions asked.

All of our for-pay groups are by invitation/application only. If you’re interested in joining one, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch within 3 business days [we WILL let you know either way].

Group Application

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