find and create your life’s work. here. now.


You are:

A freedom-seeking, idea-having, mad-passionate creative powerhouse. You dream of making waves and revolutions, and you care deeply. But your ideas are bigger than your abilities. And you might not even be sure if this whole business building thing is for you. But you DO know that making a difference and living a truly exceptional life are no longer optional life choices, they are your birthright. 

So you need:

Help. You know you have something, a spark. A tiny little ember. Maybe even just a vague idea that you need to come up with an idea, but right now, it all feels like a jumble of mismatched puzzle pieces. You need a guide(s); someone to show you the picture on the box and help you connect the corners and fill in the pieces in all the right places. Life stuff. Business stuff. Leadership stuff. Brain stuff. Community. Networking.

All. The. Things.

And you want:

>> Answers. Maps. Plans to take you through what should happen first, second, and beyond…

>> Help creating big ideas that can actually grow into big things.

>> Accountability + Challenges designed to help you stretch and grow into the leader you know you can be.

>> Education that fills ONLY the gaps in YOUR knowledge (and isn’t just piles of stuff you already know or will likely never use).

>> Community. Peers. Relationships. PEOPLE who can help you, support you and kick you in the toosh when you need it.

So we…

Do that.

All of that.

And more.

In the YLW Community.

We are…

A collective of business makers and world shakers. Moms and dads. Thinkers and fools. Writers, philosophers, ethical miscreants.

We are an intimate collective of smart people who can’t fathom living a life that’s anything less than exactly what we want it to be. 

Not just business. Not just life. Not just leadership. Not just education. Not just community. 

All of it. Together.

You do not need to own a business or want to own one to join. But that’s obviously welcome and we have lots of resources available to make your work sing.

You do not need to want to make a bajillion dollars to join. But we have been known to make a few dollar bills for our people. We think money is great. It’s just not the ONLY thing that’s great.

You do not need to have a perfectly balanced life or a clear path or solid boundaries or piles of confidence or crystal clarity.

You just need two things: Integrity and a deep will to leave this world better than you found it.

We help you nail down what YOUR life’s work really is. Sometimes that’s a thriving business that becomes your financial livelihood. And sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s a subtle unfolding of ALL that you are so you can understand what your truest calling really is. 

We help you make peace with what you’re made for, AND with how you make your living.

The Community is like business coaching, life coaching, business school, and a powerhouse mastermind all wrapped up in one sweet little affordable package.



Not cheap. 

Affordable. But I’ll get to the money bit in a second….

Let’s get back to the punchy salesy stuff…

The magic comes when we start right where YOU are and help you build the right living, breathing livelihood for you and only you.

No magic formulas.

No cookie-cutter systems.

No hard drive full of workbooks you’re never going to open.

The Community gives you a magic space where you can pick up and learn just the things you need. Connect with the people who can help you grow. And provide you with a forum for expanding your limits.

This is where your Life’s Work takes shape.

This is where you figure out how to make YOUR dent in the world.

This is where you stop fucking about and make the most out of the life you have.

If you are dead-sure that it’s time to stop wondering and start doing, join us.

Skills Courses. Learning Labs. Group Coaching. 

All. In. One. Place.

What’s included in The Community Membership:

1. Entry into The YLW Community

Rich. Fun. Helpful.

Interesting humans supporting each other. Plus dirty jokes. And leadership. Plus bad words. And pointless nonsense. 

All the best stuff happens when brilliance is mashed together with some pointless nonsense.

2. Access to an ever-growing library of short, laser-focused Skills Courses

Business. Marketing. Life Skills. Strategy. Personal Development. Health. Messaging. And SO much more.

100% designed to get you moving forward on specific things as fast as possible.

All included.

3. THREE Expert-led, totally rad, outrageously useful 2-hour live, interactive workshops per month. THREE.

Scheduled at different times throughout the month (so we can hit as many time zones as possible).

+ Workshop 1: Life’s Work Mentorship with Illana

She rants. She coaches. She teaches. She does what Illana does. Those who get it, get it. You get it. Or you will. Just show up, ok?

+ Workshop 2: Content The Matters with Rachel Allen

Rachel is the big, amazing brain behind Bolt From The Blue Copywriting. She works with world class leaders and thinkers writing the words that make their message in the world live the lives they were made for. Every month, Rachel will lead a 2-hour work session just for you. Content strategy. Social Media. Messaging. If it involves words, Rachel will make it better than it’s ever been.

+ Workshop 3: Working Well with Jonathan Stewart

Each month, Jonathan Stewart of leads us in all the magical ways he makes business easier. From Notion expertise to creative ideating to how to make the systems you have into systems that help you grow (in whatever ways you most want and need to). 

4. Access to the YLW Learning Labs

Deep-diving courses designed to expand your soft skills, leadership acumen, and strategic thinking. Zero fluff here.

+ Bonuses + Discounts galore

Great, right? All that for a super-affordable [for many, at least – if you need us and you don’t fall into the ‘that sounds affordable’ category, please reach out – we frequently have scholarships available] price tag.

Option #1:



Pay once.

Love us forever.

And yes, we have a 4-payment option. No penalty. 4x payments of $498.50. Click the button and you’ll see both options.


Option #2:

$97/month + 7 Days FREE

Take every course. Come to every call. Cancel anytime. So say yes, ok?

Community of BRILLIANT Humans

The right people are what MAKE a community. And we are a ragtag group of financial planners and artists, coaches and writers, and everything in between.

Great Livelihoods = Great Lives

Purpose. Health. Balance. Delight. Great Relationships. They are all possible. And living your life’s work is what makes that a reality.

Delight & Fun is really everything

Learning and growing has been done fucking wrong for WAY too long. So no more fluff. No more posturing. We have fun or we quit. Period.

It’s time to get your shit together and do the work so you can live the exceptional life of impact and joy that you were MADE for.

Join us, won’t you?

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