For eight years, I have helped people find and create the work that matters most to them.

Guidance. Coaching. Web Design. Logos. Tech Problems. Critical Thinking. Systems Setup. Brand Creation. Mentorship. Teaching. Learning. Growing.

Beautiful, brilliant, fractured pieces flowing in and out of each other. I said yes to whatever clients needed to create. To thrive. To feel confident and alive in their greatest expressions in the world.

I have had the honor of being part of so many people’s life’s work that I lost count. I have also coached people through failure and loss. And have had a few of my own.

And all of that beauty – that fierce magic and work – has become MY life’s work. But instead of fractures and pieces and disparate yes’s, part of the transition from Makeness to Your Life’s Workshop is the simple idea of cohesive, comprehensive offerings to the world. I have taken all of my OWN work, education, and what I’ve learned from the dozens of businesses I have been a part of shaping and poured it into The Year.

It is not a course and is not a service. It’s everything you need to find what you’re meant for and make it exist.

This is a simple invitation to take a look and see if it calls to you. 

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