Welcome, beautiful human

Hey! So nice to meet you. We very much look forward to our group starting in 2024!

+++ We begin at 10am Pacific Time on January 17th, 2024. Please do your best to be on time.+++

Your to-do list:

1. Send Illana a friend request on Facebook, if you are not already connected, so she can add you to the private group. Group invites will arrive in your notifications on Facebook the first week of January.

2. If you purchased a 2-hour Intensive session add-on, schedule that here. Expect those to happen in the new year as well. Please be sure to select the SINGLE session option.

3. Send Illana an email by January 1st. Include the following:

Subject: From [Insert your full name], get to know me


a. Your name, url, any relevant social media links.

b. A brief outline of your current situation and why you decided this was a good fit for you.

c. A brief rundown of any context that might be helpful for me to understand your current context.

d. Anything else you feel is relevant to help me help you.

Please try to keep these under 1000 words.

Send it all to: illana@yourlifesworkshop.com

4. If you would like to have our sessions pop up on your calendar, do so here.

Just a reminder that illana is mostly off for December, so she can enjoy the holidays with her family. We hope you do the same!

If you have any issues with any of these steps, feel welcome to email our team at support@yourlifesworkshop.com.



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